As a frequent Sydney commuter, I'm pretty used to carrying my Opal card with me wherever I go. Thing is though, they all pretty much look the same. What if I spiced it up a bit?




This project began when, one day I went to Chatswood, and wanted to borrow some books from the local library. However, I forgot to bring my library card. In fact, I had brought some of my library cards with me, but the particular card for that library, unfortunately was at home.

At that moment, I thought to my self, what if the city just used one card for every library? It certainly would save me a lot of time, and would be a lot more convenient. The very next thought I had was what would it look like? What would I call it?


The first thing I did was start working on some ideas for both the logo and the name; some of the names I thought of included SydneyCard, OneCard, OneLibrary, OneBigLibrary etc. I eventually settled on the name "SydneyCard", and in the image above, the first concept I settled on, with the text inside the arrow. I started refining this idea, and testing how it would look in use.


While this concept had some advantages, I wanted to keep exploring other options, especially one that emphasised typography. I went back to the drawing board and came up with another, bolder concept in the next few images.


I was very drawn to the last concept, mainly because it was so striking. Also, I noticed that the rounded corners of the D and the S meant that the word looked like a plastic card, which was a nice touch. 


While it looks nice, this design has some problems; it doesn't work well at small sizes, and the text, while bold, is also off-putting; the design looks exclusive, while the ethos of the project is inclusivity; every library, for everyone. So, once more, I tried going back to the drawing board, and this time changed focus to a logo based on an icon. The final result was based around the "S" for sydneycard, and combines the idea of a 'spark' of inspiration or an epiphany, the idea of gaining knowledge.