Over the past few years, Kmart has re-invented itself as the home of low cost but stylish products. However, as sales have started to slow, it has become easier to notice one part of the company that hasn’t been updated to match its new, more stylish identity.


The current identity looks dated, and a bit too brash and in your face. That being said however, I think there is potential in it; It doesn’t need to be completely ditched, just refined. This would also have the advantage of familiarity to the brand’s consumers; not having to re-educate them about Kmart no longer being a big red ‘K’ would be a big advantage.


Isolating the current ‘K’ icon and preparing it to be refined, as I imagine that this is where the brand would live or die. It is the most recognisable component of it.


Here, i’ve taken the original icon, and rounded down the corners and made it slightly smaller and less distorted. This icon, I think achieves the necessary balance. It’s more modern, less distorted and yet still similar enough to be instantly recognisable as the Kmart ‘K’.